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Information clause COOKIES 

What are cookies in computers? 

Cookies are small, often encrypted text files located in browser directories; they are also known as browser or tracking cookies. Web developers use cookies to help their users browse more easily and carry out certain functions. Due to their core role of enhancing and enabling certain website processes, disabling cookies may prevent users from accessing certain websites. Cookies are created when a user’s browser loads a specific website. This website sends information to the browser which then creates a text file. Every time the user returns to the same website, the browser recovers the file and sends it to the website’s server. However, the website the user is browsing is not the only one that creates cookies. Other websites that run ads, tools or other elements on the page being loaded also create cookies. These cookies regulate how ads appear or how the tools and other elements function on the webpage. 

Most browsers currently allow users to choose whether they wish to accept cookies and if so, which ones. These settings are usually found on the Options or Preferences tabs in the browser menu. Below are the instructions for setting cookies on some of the most popular browsers. These instructions are for guidance purposes only, as browser settings may change at any time: 

Why we use them 

We use cookies to customise your user experience when you visit our websites, by identifying and remembering the registered user to enhance your browsing experience. It is important to point out that cookies do not capture personal data, so users remain anonymous. If you have any queries, please consult our LEGAL NOTICE or contact us at the email address in our website.